Help the planet by growing your own veggies


Grab a trowel and help grow your own dinner! Your project can be as big or small as you have time and space to commit, from a single pot of basil on your kitchen windowsill to a big garden full of organic lettuce, tomatoes, and garlic. Ask your kids and your loved ones to help, they’ll love it too!

No matter the scale, you’ll be surprised how proud and excited you’ll feel watching your own little veggies sprout and grow. And then you get to devour them!

Plus, working together in your veggie garden burns calories, relieves stress, encourages everyone to eat a healthier diet, and reduces your waste footprint since you’re growing food at home and avoiding packaging. You’ll end up saving money too!

Hit the button below to check out some simple, hands-on guides and videos for first-time food gardeners and get planting! You’ll be amazed how much you can learn in 60 minutes!