Assemble a nature clean-up crew


Picture this: You and your friends are enjoying a stroll down a beautiful, tree-fringed trail, enjoying the sound of birdsong. Something catches your eye on the ground–it’s a crumpled food wrapper! You stop, pick it up, and stow it away to toss in the first bin you see. Congratulations, you just helped beautify and restore this natural area! See how easy that was?

Beyond the fact that litter is an eyesore, trash can make our natural spaces sick. Everyday items like plastic bags and soda cans can take up to 100 years and much longer to decompose, potentially releasing water- and vegetation-harming chemicals. Even food waste like orange peels is harmful. It attracts wild animals and erodes their natural instincts to avoid humans. So encourage your crew to bring trash bags and gloves on your next walk and clean up while you chill out! Feeling competitive? See who can pick up the most trash in one hour!