Go stargazing and rethink your place in the cosmos

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One inspiring way to get a new perspective is to just look up–at the starry nighttime sky. Of the countless celestial bodies twinkling above–each between one and 10 billion years old–the one beneath your feet is our unique, special shared home. And it's the only one we’ve got in this galaxy. That’s a thought sure to fill you with pride (and a little bit of gravity) too.

So grab your family for a night of stargazing: choose a spot away from as many human-made lights as possible, check the weather for clear conditions, and download a beginners stargazing app to help identify the objects above (tap the button below for options). And turn off that phone! Your eyes need to adjust for proper night vision.

Just think: Humankind has already worked together to explore the evening skies above. Imagine what we will achieve if we keep focusing our collective powers toward preserving the Earth?

Tap that button below to discover an easy-to-use stargazing app and simple tips for your first 60-minute stargazing session!