Become a nature detective and discover local species


The only thing better than watching clips of nature on your device is seeing and discovering nature off-screen. Depending on where you live, your own backyard, city street, or the jungle or grassland near your home could be a complex ecosystem of diverse plant and animal species you might not have even noticed! Well, it’s time to slow down.

Google which animals and plants thrive in your region and try to find them during your next stroll with your family. You may spy pollinators like bees and butterflies amid flower bushes or vines, frogs, geckos, or snails in wet soil, rabbits in grassy lots, snakes and monkeys in treetops, and more. Make it a challenge and see how many species you can spot in one hour!

And if you need some tips on spotting your “neighbours,” click below for a handy app that may help!