Bring out the popcorn & watch a nature documentary


Forget Bollywood musicals or Hollywood action movies, the most dramatic tales ever filmed are real life stories starring the natural world. Many of these visually stunning, enlightening documentaries and shows are already available on many streaming services! That means you can get entertained and get educated on vital eco-issues all without leaving your couch. (Bonus: some research shows watching nature shows can actually decrease anxiety levels.)

So relax and sit back for the next hour: Fall in love with the clever cephalopod in Oscar-winner My Octopus Teacher or watch Emmy-award winning series Our Planet narrated by David Attenborough. Laugh at playful Sri Lankan macaques of Monkey Kingdom or uncover the link between endangered Congo mountain gorillas and a global oil giant in Virunga.

We've got more must-watch recommendations to share - so hit that button below and pass the popcorn, will ya?