Get crafty and upcycle something

Arts & Creativity

Here’s a not-so-stylish fact: The fashion industry produces around 100 billion garments a year...and then we throw 75 per cent of those clothes away–packing landfills and contributing to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. And that’s just a fraction of the total amount of usable items–from plastic buckets to glass jars–we toss into the bin every day!

Instead, use your hour to embrace creative “upcycling”–reusing your well-loved clothing and home goods while reducing the need to use raw materials to create new items. Help your kid turn an old t-shirt into a tie-dye statement piece. Revive your worn out jeans with colourful patches. Transform a chipped saucer into an herb planter. Or, seek out upcycled brands that turn everything from vintage tea towels to old tires into fashion forward outfits.

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